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Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts

The Interviews

Self designed, Self built and Self engineered. 

Just like Burt Munro and before John Britten, Cars and Motorcycles that were built to win for New Zealand's top racers.

Cars and Motorcycles, built with an all new way of thinking, and an all new way of everything.

Enjoy the off the cuff interviews with Rod Trott and Steve Roberts and hear the stories of the designs, the builds and the restorations.

Featuring guests Terry Rush, Bryan Thomas, Russell Burling, John Bellamore, Joe Lett and special guest

Dave Hiscock.

The Spartan, Vintage MZ, Sparton
Steve Roberts, Plastic Fantastic, Suzuki, Classic Racing
Vintage MX, Spartan, Sparton
Steve Roberts, Plastic Fantastic
Steve Roberts, TR500, Suzuki, Classic Racing

Part 1.


After Steve & Pam land in New Zealand, Steve was on the hunt for a motorcycle.


That search ended with the birth of the Spartan. In the 1960's importing restrictions and massive import duties made it difficult and often unaffordable to get Motocross bikes, so why not make your own?


Hear Steve tell the story how he helped kick start NZ motocross into life in the 60's.

Part 2.


Can-Am is simply the stuff of legends.


It featured the fastest, most powerful sports cars allowed with the widest scope for innovation.


These exotic machines were driven by the top drivers on the planet.


Watch for Steve's story on his relationship with Graham McRae and their breakthrough Can-Am car.

Part 3.


The Jappic Cyclecar from 1925, it was a tiny two seater cyclecar that had a 344cc JAP motorcycle engine.


The original car was designed by H.M.Walters and built by the coachbuilders Jarvis of Wimbledon.

Listen to Steve Roberts and Bryan Thomas chatting to Rod Trott about recreating the lost art.


Images curtesy from Garth Thomas and family.

Part 4.


The 1950 Cooper Donland Special.


This was Jacks Brabham first single seat championship winning road racing car from the early 1950's.


Now its in New Zealand and restored to its former glory, hear the story here.

Part 5.


The 1915 Indianapolis Stutz.


Hear how Steve and Sir Len returned this ex Indianapolis race car, NZ beach racer and hay collector on a farm back into the pride and joy it is today.

Part 6.


The Two Stroke Road Racing Years


It all started the day Dick Lawton asked Steve Roberts if he could build a road racing frame for Rod Coleman. Listen to the story of how this next chapter all came together.

Part 7.


The Two Stroke Years with guest Joe Lett


Behind the scenes with Steve Roberts and the Colemans was Joe Lett. Hear Joe tell the stories of Percy Coleman, Ron Grant, Dick Lawton and Steve Roberts.

Part 8.


The Alloy Monocoque Special and the Plastic Fantastic.

Hear how these machines came to be. 


A brief track test by Dave and they were on a plane to the Isle of Man in time to break the standing start lap record on a track he didn't even know. 


A big thanks to Graeme Staples for loaning us the plastic and getting the collection to Steve's shed, and Kevin Maxwell for the loan of the alloy monocoque, it is much appreciated.

Part 9.


The Monocoque with guest Dave Hiscock


In a rare interview, hear Dave chatting to Rod about travelling to Whanganui and meeting Steve for the first time with a need for something new to take on the world road racing scene. 

Part 10.


Recollections with Steve Roberts and Dave Hiscock.

A candid discussion between old friends, Steve and Dave catching up together in the shed where it all began forty years earlier with the birth of the alloy monocoque.

Part 11.


An unplanned off the cuff discussion about the monocoque during the "Two Stroke Years" interview. I kept the camera's rolling because you never know what you are going to get! This segment has extras in it that were too good to leave on the cutting room floor.

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