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Whanganui Wanganui Photographer Photography


Hello and welcome to my Webpage.


Photography has been a long term passion that started in the eighties with my first trusty old Canon F1 from renowned Southland Photographer Barry Harcourt.


What began as a hobby evolved into a part-time job in the early 90s when I became a contractor for the Southland Times in Invercargill. Since then, I haven’t looked back.


Over the years, I’ve travelled extensively across the country, capturing events, stunning scenery, and the beauty of nature, while creating great memories with the many wonderful people I’ve met along the way.


Now, I reside in Whanganui with my wife Louise. The character and vibrant community of this town are fantastic, and I continually discover new inspirations and challenges as I explore.


I have enjoyed many aspects of photography over the years and challenged myself in many styles and themes.


Enjoy the photos.





Steve Caudwell

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