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Hi, welcome to my site.

Photography has been a long term passion of mine that started at school. I got my first Canon F1 from renowned Southland Photographer Barry Harcourt in the late eighties.


My career started in the early 90's as a contractor for the Southland Times in Invercargill and I haven’t looked back since.


Over the years I have travelled many miles all over the country and have captured events, scenery, nature at its best and some great times with the many people I have met along the way.


I am now residing in Wanganui with my wife Louise. The character of this town and local community is fantastic and I’m always discovering new things the more I look around, which keep me challenged and inspired.


I have enjoyed many aspects of photography over the years and challenged myself in many styles and themes.


Hope you enjoy the photos.





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Whanganui Wanganui Photographer Photography


Steve Caudwell

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